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Our sensory-friendly therapy space featuring a tent, rockwall, ball pit, slide and ladder.



Welcome to Rivanna Therapy Services! Our team of pediatric specialists offer speech-language therapy services in Charlottesville and surrounding counties. We can offer therapy in your child's home or preschool, in addition to our clinic space!  


We are passionate about providing family-centered speech therapy for children with diverse needs. We take a strengths-based approach to empower children to build new skills. This is done through play and other meaningful activities to increase connection and independence. We partner with schools and other community providers to choose the best location and approach for your child. We have staff to support you through the grant application process if out-of-pocket pay is not an option for your family. Reach out for a free consultation to learn more!

Our sensory-friendly therapy space featuring a tent, rockwall, ball pit, slide and ladder.



Schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns and learn more about the services offered by Rivanna Therapy Services.


A thorough evaluation is completed to determine if therapy is recommended for your child. A report with goals and recommendations is provided.

Start therapy!

Speech therapy services start! A therapy plan is created and implemented to build meaningful communication skills in your child’s natural environments (e.g., home, preschool, etc.).


Ms. Alexis worked with our son immediately after his ASD diagnosis. It was a very difficult time in our lives, but she immensely helped us to navigate through the uncharted waters by providing practical resources and sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of speech-language pathology and ASD. 

She was very patient, kind, and organized. Her sessions were always thoughtfully planned with clear, fun, practical, and structured goals. She cared a lot about what we, the parents, wanted to learn/work on too and was very responsive. We felt very supported and cared for during our time with her. 

Ms. Alexis did a wonderful job providing the best support for our son to help him become his best self. We are so thankful to have worked with her during the beginning years where early intervention is a vital key to future success. 

Parent of Previous Client

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